Review of Mike Walden and Acne No More

Mike Walden recognised that acne is the bane of millions of teenagers and young adults around the world. He quickly adopted the motto, Acne No More, and set about learning how to free the world and get rid of this troublesome condition and at the same time revealing the scam that is big pharma cashing in with numerous over the counter remedies. Learning about the biological make-up of acne and experimenting with home remedies and commercial medications allowed him to review what was truly effective and discount all non-effective options. Mild forms of acne can be a short-term nuisance for the victim whereas medium to severe cases can often cause significant discomfort and mental conditions ranging from embarrassment, low esteem to actual depression. This is a particular problem with teenagers who may be subjected to name-calling and bullying at school as a result of their acne. The condition is exacerbated by targeting the face, shoulders and back – areas of the body that are mostly visible, especially during the summer months when light clothing or beach wear is often worn. Back acne can be particularly uncomfortable, especially when at the top of the back and on shoulders and in contact with clothing and straps. There are many ideas and misconceptions as to why some people are afflicted with this condition and others are spared. Theories range from the skin type of the individual, hereditary conditions, diet – particularly high-levels of sugar and saturated fats and personal hygiene. Studies show that genetics are the main factor in deciding who will suffer from this condition more than others. Hormonal changes in the body during puberty, pregnancy and menstrual cycles can trigger outbreaks of acne. An increase in sebum production and an enlarging of the follicular glands occurs during puberty. Acne results when sebum and dead skins cells get trapped in these follicular glands. Also, certain medications, anabolic steroids for example, can trigger the conditions for acne as a side effect. Acne can appear as black heads, white heads and inflamed red marks and can also appear differently on different skin colors. Scarring is often an after effect, long after the condition has abated. It is still unclear whether diet has a definite effect on causing or exacerbating acne, however, positive evidence exists to prove that smoking increases the risk of the condition developing and increases the severity in existing cases. There are a multitude of treatments and medications available to the acne sufferer. The most common and often first prescribed solution is a Benzoyl peroxide cream. This medication is effective for the majority of mild cases. Treatments for more moderate and severe cases of acne may include Retinoids, Antibiotics, Hormone Treatments, Azelaic and Salicylic acids. Common side effects to acne medication include increased sensitivity to sunlight, drying of the skin and lips, nose bleeds, muscle pains and an increase in lipid levels in the blood. There are also numerous Alternative Medicine treatments, such as herbal remedies, acupuncture and cupping but no scientific testing is available to support any effectiveness in these options. Acne is not a modern affliction with ancient records of the condition being dated to the time of Cleopatra. There are also many character descriptions in texts and novels from the seventeenth century using phrases such as pox-ridden or pimpled youth which may be attributed to acne.

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